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AWSOM installationThe AWSOM(TM)  unit has been developed by a small team of volunteers and is capable of monitoring hand-pumped water Wells in remote locations. It uses a number of low-cost components; electronic modules; the cell-phone network and a bespoke spreadsheet specifically designed for the purpose. 

The system is currently being trialed in the UK and in Tanzania, results are available in the 'Charts' page and other data will be made available shortly.

Key aspects of the specification of 
the AWSOM(TM)  unit include:-
  1. Records data from hand-pumped Wells fitted with the AWSOM(TM) unit. 
  2. Well data is sent by a coded text from each Well to a central point.
  3. Equipment at the Well is low-cost and retrofit table to almost any Well.
  4. The AWSOM(TM) unit has a high mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) and only needs to be attended once every 36 months.
  5. Installation of the AWSOM(TM)  unit can be made by trained local personnel.
  6. Key measurements are made during the day every few seconds.
  7. Measurements are reported daily by text to Head Office.
  8. The equipment is solar powered and charges an internal NiMH battery.
  9. The Well’s monitoring equipment has zero moving parts and
  10. Does not impede the water-flow and is biologically safe.

The Unit uses pre-built modules which eases assembly and keeps cost to a minimum.

Above shows the first installation on a Well in Biharmulo Tanzania by the local Team.


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