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InstallationMonitoring remote hand-pumped Wells can now be achieved in a low-cost, straightforward way such that focused maintenance and support is provided to the Wells when and where needed.

A Well System for Ongoing Maintenance AWSOM (TM) unit is capable of monitoring hand-pumped Wells in remote locations.  By using an assembly of low-cost electronic modules, the cell-phone network and by linking it to a simple spreadsheet it is now possible to not only determine how much water has been used, but also determine the health and status of the Wells being monitored.

Low-band Fourier analysis of Well frequencies can reveal copious amounts of information on the status of a Well.  The AWSOM(TM) unit sends a coded text message to Head Office containing all the relevant information on the Well's status.    

Modules from all over the World are used and assembled into the Well Monitoring Services' unit.  The unit can be assembled locally or provided commercially. "Using low-cost modules combined with an innovative design enables targeted maintenance of the Wells to be achieved" says Engineering Director Andrew Ainger.


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